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At Water's Edge, we provide several options for better managing your pain. We believe in holistic treatment for chronic pain management. We treat you, not just your pain. Each treatment plan is specifically designed for each individual patient, with the best long-term outcomes in mind.

It is not unusual for farmers, ranchers and others whose livelihood involves physical activity to suffer chronic pain resulting from work-related accidents and other stresses. Still others seek relief from the pain of sports or recreational injuries, surgery, diabetes and other causes. Water's Edge is a unique medical facility that brings a variety of interventional treatments for a broad spectrum of chronic pain disorders to Central Washington.

When pain sufferers seek relief, they often think of the immediate cessation of pain available from various medications, but at Water's Edge, physicians and staff take a broad, multidisciplinary approach to managing the many types of pain experienced by people in our area.

Water's Edge provides nearly 10,000 square feet of modern offices, exam rooms and procedure rooms for pain treatments. A relaxing waiting area furnished with comfortable reclining chairs allows patients to contemplate the peaceful waters of Yakima's Lake Aspen while they await their procedures. We work closely with several medical providers from throughout the Pacific Northwest. Talk to your physician about a referral to Water's Edge for help with your chronic pain symptoms.

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